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Level 3


This programme is designed for people in critical well control positions on drilling installations as well as onshore roles.  The candidates will complete an IWCF accredited training course, taught according to IWCF syllabus, in order to prepare them for assessment.


Different levels of training require different examinations and are valid for varying lengths


  • Level 2 training – Consists of two written assessments. If passed, the certificate is valid for 5 years.

  • Level 3 and 4 training – Consists of two written assessments and a practical assessment using simulator equipment. If passed, the certificate is valid for 2 years. View Course Content etc. by clicking here



Level 3 Course Overview


DATES See course dates below



Designed For

This course has been designed for drilling crew (drillers and assistant drillers) and others with a requirement to hold an IWCF Well Control certificate.



This course is designed to meet the requirements of the accrediting body IWCF and is offered with either Surface or Combined (surface and subsea) BOP certification. 


Please note that from 01 September, 2014, delegates must have attended certified well control training at introductory or drillier level in the past to be eligible for this course. If the delegate is new to IWCF training (ie. has never attended well control training before), he/she will be required to achieve a Level 2 certificate before progressing to Level 3.


Course Delivery

The course is delivered through lectures supported by videos and animations, self-study exercises, and practical work on a drilling simulator. Delegates attending Level 3 (Driller) Well Control will sit a practical assessment using a drilling simulator and two closed book examinations leading to the required certificate of competence in well control - valid for two years.


The course will start at 8:30am on Monday and finish on Friday afternoon (exact finishing times vary depending on the individual's examination results - please see the re-sit policy for further details).



Further Information

Please visit the IWCF website  by clicking here for information on the full course syllabus.



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