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Polish boat registration is for a lifetime

Great news! Since 2021 non-EU passport holders are allowed to register the Polish boat registration directly to their own name. This means lower registration costs, lower annual costs and a faster registration time.

Update June 24
Recent changes in the Polish boat registration regulations determine that the previously required CE certificate, tonnage certificate or builders certificate are no longer required for boats under 14 meters.

Thank you for your interests in a Polish boat registration. Enjoy the advantage of being able to use the Polish boat registration immediately (within 2 working days) in the form of a provisional registration, until your final registration certificate is ready. The Polish boat registration is the most popular and affordable registration for boats up to 24 meters of length. When registering your boat, yacht or jet ski in Poland, it is a permanent registration without any obligations for renewal. As Poland is a full European Union member, a Polish boat registration is very attractive for pleasure craft, operators, charters and private yacht owners.

Also available for commercial yacht owners

Did you know the Polish boat registration is also available for commercial yachts and for the same price as for a pleasure boat registration? For private yacht owners, a yacht survey is never required which is also a big advantage which saves you a lot of money. 

Greek Charter Licence

We offer you the best and cheapest commercial yacht registration to commercial exploit your yacht in Greece and all other countries of the European Union. And this even without the need to create a Greek company!

Yachts under 24 meters fall under the bareboat regulation so any Sailing Diploma from any Administration or Yacht Club is accepted (RYA etc ).

This commercial yacht registration package includes everything you need to run your charter business legally and well organised and is based on the very popular Polish commercial yacht registration!

Greece, the country with the largest charter industry in the European Union, currently offers the most attractive commercial registration package for charter yachts from all countries in the EU. The Greek Charter License package is based on the Polish commercial yacht registration.

This registration package is officially and fully accepted by the Greek authorities for charter yachts and is available for all commercial yachts till 24 meters of length.

This commercial registration can not only be used in Greece but can also be used without any problem for any commercial activity in any country of the European Union.

We also provide boat registrations, registered under other nationalities. Such as the highly respected Dutch Worldwide Registration (Dutch flag) and the UK part 1 Registration (British flag). You can compare boat registrations to see which boat registration suits your needs.

How do you start your application

Simply fill out the form below, at this point no payment is required.

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