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Level 2


This programme is designed for people in critical well control positions on drilling installations as well as onshore roles.  The candidates will complete an IWCF accredited training course, taught according to IWCF syllabus, in order to prepare them for assessment.


Different levels of training require different examinations and are valid for varying lengths:

  • Level 2 training – Consists of two written assessments. If passed, the certificate is valid for 5 years.

  • Level 3 and 4 training – Consists of two written assessments and a practical assessment using simulator equipment. If passed, the certificate is valid for 2 years. View Course Content etc by clicking here


Level 2 Course Overview


DATES Weekly



Designed For

The Level 2 (Introductory) 4-day course is designed for delegates "working in roles which may directly contribute to the creation, detection or control of a well influx" (p.9, IOGP Report 476). Please note that from 01 September, 2014, Level 2 is a prerequisite for candidates who are: i. obtaining IWCF certification for the first time, and ii. wishing to progress to Level 3.



The aim of this course is to provide a basic understanding of the features of drilling a well and the fundamental principles involved in maintaining well control.


Course Delivery

The course is delivered through presentation of a series of interactive lectures supported by videos and animations, supplemented by a classroom workbook and further self-study exercises.


Successful completion of the course and examination will result in IWCF Level 2 certification which is valid for five years.


Further Information

Please visit the IWCF website  by clicking here for information on the full course syllabus.



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