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Certificate number 14493

Complies With: Unmanned Aircraft Qualification, CAA for a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCo)

Name                EnekoLekue Egia                                          ID# 30674240Z        

Date of Birth     11 May 1974                                                 DOI 10/09/18

Address            C. Azurreka 4 P02 1Z                                   DOE 09/09/23


                          Bizkaia Spain          

Nationality       Spain 

This certificate confirms the na med holder has successfully completed instruction and demonstrated the knowledge and competencies to operate the following Craft:

Type:                UAQ PfCO Drone

                         UAQ Additional Pilot

Area:                On & Offshore

Cert Number: 14493

This Certificate complies with the requirements specified in:

Regulation (EC) 785/2004, iaw ANO 2016 article 94[5], iaw ANO2016 article 95 & The Air Navigation Order 2016 (ANO)

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