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Working at Heights

Working at Heights


This course will provide the learner with an introduction to the knowledge and practical skills required when Working at Height.


The Working at Height - training course is an exciting training programme aimed at those whose role involves working at height in a variety of environments, for example telecoms and construction.

At present, it is imperative for all companies that operate at height to have an advanced understanding of the Working at Height methods, equipment and potential risks, whilst complying with the most current legislation (2005).



The objectives of the Working at Height - Unit 2 PPE User course is;

  • To understand legislation and equipment standards

  • To learn the correct practical use of PPE

  • To gain knowledge of different PPE purposeses



  • Working at Height Legislation

  • Working at Height Categories

  • Hierarchy of measures

  • Equipment Legislation

  • Equipment inspection and maintenance

  • Selection and safe use of equipment

  • Fall and Impact Forces

  • Rescue Provision


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