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Rigger Training (Stages 1 and 2)

Revision 1


Amendment 2 Date 10/01/13

Standard code: 9088


Aim and objectives:

The aim and objectives of the Stage 1 Initial Training Programme are to provide the delegate with knowledge of the rigging principles, general hazards and risks of rigging and lifting operations, an awareness of relevant legislation and regulation, and an opportunity to practice basic rigging operations following a lifting plan. Stage 2 takes place on-site where personnel will complete workforce requirements under supervision.


Target audience:

The target group for Stage 1 of the Rigger Training programme is personal who have had little or no training or experience in rigging and lifting operations. Stage 2 is for personnel that have successfully completed stage 1 and wish to gain relevant supervised workplace experience that would enable them to undertake the OPITO Rigger Stage 3 Competence assessment.


Delegate pre-requisites:

There are no pre-requisites for Stage 1. To complete Stage 2, delegates must hold a valid  approved Stage 1 Rigger Training certificate.


Training durations:

The optimum ‘contact time’ for Stage 1 is 24 hours and can be carried out at an approved training provider. Stage 2 takes place over a 2 year period.



Stage 1 is valid for 2 years. There is no expiry on Stage 2.



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