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Certificate Number 17600

Student Name: Daniël Machiel Sterk

This certificate replaces 17484 which was reported lost on April 17 2024

Current Certificate(s) held by this student: 1

Certificate Number: 17600

Date of issue:18 April 2024

Power:  Yes 24m                            

Sail:      Yes 24m

PWC:     Yes

Waters: Inland and Coastal

17600 17486.jpg

Understanding your certificate.


The front of the certificate contains:

  • Your personal information.

  • DOI:  The start date of the certificate.

  • DOE: The end date of the certificate.


The rear of the certificate contains:

  • Type of craft you have been tested on.

  • Power: Yes or No and Length.

  • Sail: Yes or No and Length.

  • Waters: Coastal, Inland or both (Inland only applied after completing CEVNI test).

  • Certificate Number: Your individual Certificate Number.

  • Numbered Hologram: Numbered Security Hologram which matches the certificate number.

  • QR Code: This code takes you to your student page and allows the certificate to be validated.

Previous Certificate(s) held: 1

Certificate 1

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